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Here is a post from another list about the Oehlke family that moved to
Volhynia. Trnslated by google
regards bill

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Dear list,

we find the following emigrants in the public Volhynia forum. I
limit myself only to what has to do with the Neumark:

Oehlke, August, * "Wollenberg, Prussia" [well Woldenberg, Kr. Friedeberg in
. Neumark) (err 1832/33), + Rozyszcze (Volhynia) 07/23/1868 (45 years),
oo before 05/02/1859
Conrad, Caroline, * Rozyszcze (err. 1831/32).

Children * Rozyszcze:

1) Gustav Robert, * 05.02.1859; oo Żytomierz 09/26/1876 Julianna Siewert.
2) Hulda Emilie, * 10.13.1861, + Rozyszcze 21/03/1864.
3) Charles Edward, * 29.06.1864.
4) August Julius, * 08.22.1865.
5) Johann Albrecht, * 09.24.1867.

-> No emigration consensus.

Since Woldenberg all church records are destroyed, and no
Magistrate records exist anymore, I do not see any possibility of research.
The parish archives Woldenberg, which is located in the State Archives
Gorzów, and
various baptisms, Konfirmations- and vaccination certificates from the late
19th to the beginning
contains the 20th century, due to the fall term also.

Best regards,

Stefan back Ling


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