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	Thank you for your help.  I had felt that this document was written
in Kurrent, or some similar archaic form of German handwriting, since it
doesn't use umlauts.  Unfortunately I have no experience with these old
scripts.  The foundation document is beautifully written in Polish and fits
in nicely with your translation. 

	As for how I found it - I have been tracing the history of my wife's
family, whose name was Bauch.  In the archives in Zhytomir we found them
living in Lipovka, (Volhynia, Russia) and then using the Lutheran church
books for Grodziec, which are available on-line,  traced them back to Obory
Kolonia (Congress Poland).   The trail ran dry when we got back to 1834 but
I assumed that there had to be records available for land titles since
documents related to land and mortgages go back much further than BMD's.
This autumn we visited the archives in Poznan, Konin and Kalisz and with the
help of a local Polish researcher discovered that there are hollendry
mortgage /land title records in the Poznan archive for nearly all the farms
in Obory Kolonia.  We were looking for traces of Michail Bauch and he was
found at Farm #45.  As far as I know, none of these records are on-line
(yet).  There are also land records and some additional church books for
Grodziec in the Konin archives.

	We were also able to trace additional Bauch births and marriages
back to about 1810 in the nearby Catholic parishes, since it would appear
that they took their children to be baptized in Zegocin and Symanowice
before the Lutheran parish was established in Grodziec. 

	The Congress Poland archives are a veritable treasure trove and I
suspect that we will have many years of work still ahead of us.  If you wish
I can put you in touch with our Polish researcher, whom I highly recommend. 


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> 1. Obory Kolonia Mortgage Document (Richard J. Flanagan)

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   Hello Richard,

      Yes, it is in German, with a few bits of Latin dropped in.

      The main part involves tracing back the history of a few  acres of
land, who owns it now, who owned it before, etc.

      The handwriting isn't too bad, the main problem is that  it's
obviously been written by a lawyer, so even after  deciphering all the
words, it may be hard to extract the  meaning.

     I think in the main section,
 Michael Bauch is testifying, explaining his  claim to some land:


    Michael Bauch now (1805) has 9 1/2 morgen of land;
 7 1/2 morgen of which he got from Stanislaus Malinski,  which Malinski
originally obtained from the estate in 1793;  and another 2 morgen from
Johann Netzer, which Netzer obtained  from the estate in 1795.


   I'm curious about how you located this document. I have found  some
interesting documents in Poznan about ancestors from a hollendry  village,
but am still interested in hints and tips about which  Fonds / collections
are likely to have good documents.

           Paul Rakow

> From: "Richard J. Flanagan" <rflanagan1 at videotron.ca>

> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Obory Kolonia Mortgage Document
> I wonder if anyone can help me read and or translate the text in the 
> two pictures in the Dropbox link below.  The page in question is from 
> the Poznan archives and relates to a mortgage agreement signed in 1805 
> for Farm No: 45 in the hollendry of Obory Kolonia.  I have other pages 
> that are clearly in Polish but I am having great difficulty 
> understanding the script on this page and if I had to guess I would say it
is in German.
> The tenant in question is Michael Bauch, a family patriarch, and the 
> landowner is Maryanna Szarzynska.
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gyew4npofvxkvb8/AABFWD5Qu7N7rxPqk6zQ-1ega?d
> l=0
> I would appreciate any help that I can get.
> Richard Flanagan

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