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Another quick question re the Database.  When I'm looking at a Database 
Search Result I have just noticed the "+/-" symbol on the left that pulls 
down some more info.  If the records I'm looking at say Source ID S3210 - 
what does that source mean???  I thought it may be another person 
researching but the number is too big for our ID's.  What does it refer to?

Michaelle Krause McDonald

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Thanks Maureen and Earl.  Your encouragement is much appreciated.  And I
must add that if SGGEE didn't exist I would have no clue at all as to who I
was even looking for at all.  At least I have some names and dates of birth.
Yes, one day the brick wall will come down and there will be a fellow
ancestor with whom I can compare notes and photos (which are all
unidentified at the moment but are from the Chelm, Lublin, Lubelskie area of
Poland.  I don't know if this is anywhere near the places you mention Earl??

I would love to do the DNA tests, but on Ancestry.com they do not yet accept
tests from Australia.  I'm not sure about any others.  Everything seems to
be a bit behind down here.  Perhaps distance travelled for the sample is an

I did previously put up all my details (who I did have) but I didn't receive
any replies, so assume no one knew of anyone I knew of.

I am a bit lost on the site and have not actually seen where I can add my
tree/pedigree??  This is just one example of a relative of mine that I have
found on your site (I have found many connections in the Trinity Lutheran
Lublin records).  But I desperately want to find an alive person.

+ I519035 KRAUSE Alexander 1record(s)  M Pogranicze, Chelm, Lubelskie,
Poland 18 Mar 1887 I518211 : KRAUSE, August  I518882 : BITTNER, Justine
I519036 : LEHMANN, Emma

F183486  F183486  F183200    Source: SGGEE008r5- EWZ data from eastern

What I would like to ask is, how was this information found - what does the
source refer to?  Is it a church record or an individuals Pedigree?  If
individuals - how do I contact the individual?

I see that this mans father (August Krause) died in Volhynia Ukraine, but no
date.  August is my Great grandfathers brother.

Understanding this may help me understand the connections.

Thank you

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Michaelle -

Consider yourself fortunate to have learned people like Earl Schultz in the
corners of the world you are searching!  I agree with him - and besides,
after many years of trying to help people in my own small way, I know how
satisfying it is to knock some bricks loose for researchers  (well, except
for those in the Napa Valley EQ right now - all that wine!)  The people in
this group are spectacular - and generous - so keep going!


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Chin up, Michaelle.  Brick walls do fall.  How about sharing your pedigree
specific information on the who, where and when of the person you are having
trouble with?  Lots of us would like to help.

Also, have you considered a DNA test for yourself and/or a male relative
the Krause surname?  That may point you in the right direction and lucky
are becoming more common.

If you have ancestry around the Sierpc, Lipno, Rypin area, we have a number
dedicated researchers working on the records and many of us have also done
tests.  There is also a Vistula River Project just getting going to collect
from people from this area.  The future looks very promising for knocking
some brick walls.



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That is am amazing story, you are very lucky finding each other.  I am very
jealous, as I have found no one and nothing :-(.  I'll keep trying.
Michaelle Krause McDonald

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