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Vera and others.


There are three major testing companies:  Family Tree DNA, 23andMe and


Please learn the ins and outs of these three so you get what you need.
However, if money is no object, test at all of them as you will be in
different databases.


I give presentations on all this nationally and internationally.  Anyone is
welcomed to email me personally for more information and to help you decide
what will work best for you.  My email:  aulicino at hevanet.com


Below my name is my book. That compares the companies as well.


So you know..all three companies use the same test for autosomal DNA,
although each tweaks the testing chip a bit differently from the others.
Regardless, all results are compariable.  HOWEVER, AncestryDNA does not
allow you to see the segments where you match others unless you upload the
raw data to GedMatch, a third party tool.  You have to learn how to
manipulate GedMatch and sometimes it is down.  However, that upload is free.


Another option, if you test with AncestryDNA is to transfer your results
(doesn't mean you leave Ancestry, however) to Family Tree DNA, the only
company that accepts other companies results.


23andMe has the best population (ethnic groups) comparison of the others (AT
THE MOMENT.things often change), if that is all you want.


Both Ancestry and 23andMe matches do not often use their real name and you
cannot email them directly.  You must go through their website or hopefully
get them to tell you their personal email.  At 23andMe you must ask
permission from your matches to share genomes.  I can tell you from
experience (mine and many, many others) that sometimes these matches do not
answer your request for months and even years.  They can also deny you.  You
only get three tries to get them to share and you see nothing (not even
their names) until they share.


Both 23andMe and Ancestry only test the autosomal DNA, although 23andMe does
give you Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, but nothing more on
that.  You can see the segments of your matches at 23andMe matches, however.
23andMe tests in 56 different countries and Ancestry does not test outside
the US at this time.


Family Tree DNA is the oldest company.the first.  They test autosomal DNA,
various levels of Y-DNA and two levels of mitochondrial DNA.  You get the
name of the person and their email.  You can see the segments where you
match.  They are a company that listens to their customers.  They test
anywhere in the world.


ALSO, no that Ancestry's test is fine, but their matching process is not
scientific.  You need to have an Ancestry.com subscription (don't let it
lapse, ever) and upload a tree which can be private or not.  There are some
who have no tree.doesn't help genealogy, really.  What Ancestry does is
match your tree against those of your matches. When they see a name is the
same, they suggest that is where you have a common ancestor.  The recent
generations are probably accurate, but without seeing the chromosome
segments, one cannot be sure, but the older generations are quite
questionable as this test typically doesn't go beyond 6 generations in your
chart unless your line is endogamous.  They have me matching people too far
back just because our trees have the same people.way back in the early
1700s.  Quite questionable.


BTW, I have tested with all three companies.


Before you order a test, be sure why you are testing.  Without genealogy you
get only matches and/or numbers.  Also, if you have a goal of one thing and
take the wrong test, it will not help.


My book is cheap as an ebook and I strongly suggest you read it or email me
directly before you buy.

If you take the autosomal test (atDNA), you will need to learn how to map
your chromosomes.  It's not that hard, but be prepared to get up close and
personal with the very basics of a spreadsheet like Excel.


I'm not trying to scare people, but want you to make a wise decision which
will benefit you rather than upset you.


Best wishes,


If you do not hear from me in a timely manner, just write again...I was
buried in email.  LOL
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