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Edie Adam edieadam at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 16:58:13 PDT 2014

Hello Martin: Remember you are going to Archives II at College Park, MD, to
view EWZ records. You will want to arrive as early as you can since you
will have to complete paperwork to get a researcher's card. Materials
allowed in the microfilm room are restricted so you'll have to lock
everything else in the locker room, which I think is 25 cents so bring some
change. This site provides more logistical information:

Also, it helps to know what region of eastern Europe your relatives were in
since the EWZ is not one massive repository.

   - EWZ-50 covers Soviet Russia (pre-WWII borders includes Ukraine and
   Russian Volhynia) and is indexed on www.odessa3.org
   - EWZ-52 covers Poland (pre-WWII borders, includes Polish Volhynia) and
   - EWZ-51 covers Romania
   - EWZ-53 covers Baltic states (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania)
   - EWZ-5410 covers Yugoslavia
   - EWZ-5420 covers France
   - EWZ-5430 covers Bulgaria

The articles mentioned at very helpful, from personal experience. The
archives volunteers are there to monitor the room and may not be able to
assist with specific questions.

Read everything you can find about working in the EWZ to maximize your
time. Good luck!

Edie Adam
Fairfax, VA

On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 7:15 PM, <gpvjem at sasktel.net> wrote:

>     Martin:
>      If you are a member of SGGEE and can log into SGGEE's  members
> portion of the website, there are two older issues of the SGGEE Journal
> that contain two excellent articles on using EWZ records.      They are in
> the September 2000 and September 2008 issues.  They were written by Dave
> Obee and Karl Krueger respectively.
>  Good luck!
>  John Marsch
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> On Sun, 7 Sep2014 11:13:59 -0500, Martin Schmidt <g8orz03 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hello SGGEE listserve members,
>> In about a week, I will be up in Washington DC for business and hope to
>> find the time to visit the National Archives and try to see if I can find
>> any of my relations in the EWZ records.
>> I'm curious if anyone has advice they might want to share.
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
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