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Hi Dan,

Try this: 

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I have a family Bible that records in old, somewhat legible German  
handwriting a birthplace for both of my grandparents, seemingly Gwuschka, but in  
one case followed by "hutt".  What might "hutt" mean?  (I suppose  Gwuschka 
could be Gl\uszka, where l\ is the Polish barred ell that is pronounced  like 
English w.  That's pretty far from Natalja/Berezno, where the couple  had 
their first child.)
I have a birth certificate that in excellent Russian handwriting records a  
birthplace that transliterates as "Chere_anka", where _ represents a letter 
 unknown to me.  Can anyone suggest a website with old Russian  
handwriting?  (Or would you like to see the document?  The letter  looks like a ch with 
a descender.)  Most likely the village is Oczerecianka  south of Berezno, 
but I don't know why the O would be omitted.
Does the place name "Pinsky Guberg" ring a bell?
Some surnames, such as Mut/Muth or Kujat/Kujath, come with an optional  h.  
Is anything in particular going on here?
Dan Pratt
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