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    Main index page:



  It's a long page, and takes a while to load.

 As an example of what you might find, here is a list of
 contributors in 1849 to the church funds in the parish Kozienice, near



 (I hope the links survive being e-mailed.)

 Here is a report from 1804 on the school in Gross Bruzyca near
 Lodz, perhaps you can find out whether your ancestor was a good
 student or not.  Also, some school records give ages and the father's name,
 so they can establish relationships and birth details.



 Here is a list from 1800 of the founding members of the
 Gross Bruzyca congregation. This was initially a rural congregation,
 the list tells how much land each member cultivated.



 The index list of parishes is here


 It looks like the items up to sygnatur 1240 are on-line,
 those after are not yet.



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