[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Other online church records (CWW)

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Fri Sep 19 10:29:31 PDT 2014

 Hello Hal,

       Here's a little more detail.

   First, open the inventory page at


   Next, scroll down a short way past the introductory text,
 or click on the link INWENTARZ on the right.

    That should bring you to the catalogue itself.

     Each catalogue entry has the pattern

  Sygn:    (call number)
  Tytul:   (title)
  Daty:    (dates)
  Opis:    (how many pages)
  Dawna Sygn:  (old call number - you don't need to bother about that)
  Skan:   galeria ze skanami  <- the link to the scans
  Jezyk:  which languages are used

 and then (sometimes) a few lines of description.

  The call numbers run from 1 to 1996, at the bottom of the web page.

  Scroll down about half-way, past the first thousand entries, if
 you are interested in Protestant (mostly Lutheran) records.

  Sygnatur 1035 looks like the start of the Protestant records.
  The next 90 call numbers are headquarters stuff from Warsaw.
  Numbers 1055 to 1059 might be interesting to some people here,
 they are about divorces, and marriages needing special dispensation.

    Then, from call number 1124 are the entries for
 individual parishes. Look at the title, Tytul, and look for the
 parish name you want.  The catalogue is done in good archival
 style, the title is the original title, with the original
 spelling. And, as the titles are Polish, you have to expect
 the end of the place name to be changed by grammar.

    So, for example, Sygnatur 1124 has the title
 Akta tyczace sie gminy ewangelicko-augsburskiej wyznania
 w Kielcach w wojewodztwie krakowskim

 Files concerning the congregation of evangelical-augsburg
 belief in Kielce in the woiwod Krakow

   years 1817-1838, 492 pages

   The call numbers from 1035 to 1402 cover most of the
 Protestant records - next come the Islamic and Jewish
 records, though there are also a few more Protestant records
 right at the end.

      It looks like 1240 is the last one with scans, but I
 assume more will be added at some point.

        I hope this helps.

        If you tell me which parish you are looking for, I'll
 see if I can find the sygnatur.

               Paul Rakow

 PS your address is btinternet.com - are you somewhere in Britain?
 I'm in Liverpool.

 HAL WILSON <halwilson at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Hi All
> I read with interest about this website and was interested to see which
> parishes were covered in case it helped me.I looked at the link given
> below but was unable to find the list of Parishes. Can anyone be a little
> more specific as to where in the site this actual list is?
> Regards Hal
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> ? I want to tell you about the CWW, another collection of Polish
> church records that have started appearing on-line. These are
> administrative records, NOT records of birth, marriages and deaths, but
> they are still interesting for family history. They often include lists of
> all the families in the congregation,? so they can act as census
> substitutes. I don't think I've seen them mentioned here before.
> ? ? I first saw these records when I visited the AGAD archive
> in Warsaw in 2010, but now you can see many of these CWW records without
> leaving home.
> ? ? The inventory page is at
> http://www.agad.gov.pl/inwentarze/cww190x.xml
> <http://www.agad.gov.pl/inwentarze/cww190x.xml>
> It's a long page, and takes a while to load.


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