[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Father of a child in Plock, born out of wedlock

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Fri Sep 19 14:04:43 PDT 2014

Re: Father of a child in Plock, born out of wedlock

 Returning to an old post from July this year:

   I think this record from the AGAD CWW scans may be the divorce
 record Peter Schmidt was looking for.

    Could someone good at reading handwritten Russian please
 have a look at the first divorce record on these two pages,
 CWW 1059 pages 286 and 287, divorce number 5?



 Is this couple August Däubler and Anna Marianna Julianna  Däubler ?

       Paul Rakow

 Peter Schmidt <chamdo4ever at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyhow, on with my story which all takes place in Plock:


>Meanwhile, August Däubler, has been married to Juliana Ehmke for 24
>years and has had a number of children with her, the last one being
>approximately 1862. The Däubler-Ehmke marriage is dissolved upon the
>judgement of the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in Tsarist
>Poyavskoi on 14 May 1869.
>Däubler then marries Wilhelmine Hein on 15 August 1869, and together,
>they have a baby, Gustav, sometime in 1869. Without seeing the full
>records, the latest Gustav could have been born is in December 1869...
>suggesting that Wilhelmine Hein had to be pregnant in March 1869...
>So, a quick summary timeline:
>-August Däubler and Juliana Ehmke have their last child in approximately
>-Wilhelmine Hein becomes a widow on 20 June 1865.
>-Wilhelmine Hein has Dorothea Hein out of wedlock on 31 December 1866
>with August Däubler as her Godfather.
>-Wilhemine Hein has another baby out of wedlock, Adolf Hein, in 1868
>and he dies the same year.
>-Wilhelmine Hein gets pregnant in March 1869, latest.
>-August Däubler's marriage with Juliana Ehmke is dissolved by the
>church on 14 May
>1869 -- definitely after Wilhelmine Hein became pregnant.
>-August Däubler marries Wilhelmine Hein on 15 August 1869.
>-Wilhelmine Hein gives birth to Gustav Däubler in 1869.

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