[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Father of a child in Plock, born out of wedlock

Peter chamdo4ever at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 15:05:11 PDT 2014

If this is true, then I will be forever grateful Paul -- thank you!!

What would be of greatest interest to me and my family, is if it gives
the reason for the divorce....

Many, many thanks!


On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 5:04 PM, Paul Rakow <paul.rakow at cantab.net> wrote:
> Re: Father of a child in Plock, born out of wedlock
>  Returning to an old post from July this year:
>    I think this record from the AGAD CWW scans may be the divorce
>  record Peter Schmidt was looking for.
>     Could someone good at reading handwritten Russian please
>  have a look at the first divorce record on these two pages,
>  CWW 1059 pages 286 and 287, divorce number 5?
>  <http://www.agad.gov.pl/CWW/Galeria%20internetowa/PL_1_190_1059/pages/PL_1_190_1059_0286.htm>
>  <http://www.agad.gov.pl/CWW/Galeria%20internetowa/PL_1_190_1059/pages/PL_1_190_1059_0287.htm>
>  Is this couple August Däubler and Anna Marianna Julianna  Däubler ?
>     Thanks,
>        Paul Rakow
>  Peter Schmidt <chamdo4ever at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Anyhow, on with my story which all takes place in Plock:
>  [snip]
>>Meanwhile, August Däubler, has been married to Juliana Ehmke for 24
>>years and has had a number of children with her, the last one being
>>approximately 1862. The Däubler-Ehmke marriage is dissolved upon the
>>judgement of the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in Tsarist
>>Poyavskoi on 14 May 1869.
>>Däubler then marries Wilhelmine Hein on 15 August 1869, and together,
>>they have a baby, Gustav, sometime in 1869. Without seeing the full
>>records, the latest Gustav could have been born is in December 1869...
>>suggesting that Wilhelmine Hein had to be pregnant in March 1869...
>>So, a quick summary timeline:
>>-August Däubler and Juliana Ehmke have their last child in approximately
> 1862.
>>-Wilhelmine Hein becomes a widow on 20 June 1865.
>>-Wilhelmine Hein has Dorothea Hein out of wedlock on 31 December 1866
>>with August Däubler as her Godfather.
>>-Wilhemine Hein has another baby out of wedlock, Adolf Hein, in 1868
>>and he dies the same year.
>>-Wilhelmine Hein gets pregnant in March 1869, latest.
>>-August Däubler's marriage with Juliana Ehmke is dissolved by the
>>church on 14 May
>>1869 -- definitely after Wilhelmine Hein became pregnant.
>>-August Däubler marries Wilhelmine Hein on 15 August 1869.
>>-Wilhelmine Hein gives birth to Gustav Däubler in 1869.

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