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Hello Javier,

I'm just about to rush out the door, so perhaps I should leave this to the others. 

But I'll get it started...

August Bus, born 14 May 1839, at 9 in the morning
father: Krystyan, age 30
mother: Elzbiety Lampxxxx, age 20

Karolina Kot, born 24 Jun 1940
father: Michal, age 24
mother: Karolina Rybxxxxxxich, age 19 



btw- I contacted Arthur Kuhn directly and we have the discrepancy over her Pauline Buss (ooJulius Kuhn) parents worked out and confirmed as August Buss and Karoline Koth (above).

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After many years of research I finally found the records of my wife's grandparents, 

thanks to BaSIA  database:     

AUGUST BUSS *1939 -KAROLINE KOTH*1940, both were born in Kalinowa near Turek they married in 1860
and we had they marriage records from the lutheran parish in TUREK but we never found their birth records
there, now I found their records in the catholic parish in Brudzew near Kalinowa.

August Buss, Brudzew (Catholic parish) - birth/baptism record, year 1839 ,number 43. http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/54/734/0/6.1/41/str/1/1/15/BmI6c_3tRbCt4vKfa38kYw/#tabSkany

Karoline Koth, Brudzew (Catholic parish) - birth/baptism record, year 1840, number 43 http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/54/734/0/6.1/42/str/1/1/15/BmI6c_3tRbCt4vKfa38kYw/#tabSkany

Now I'm asking someone to help me translate these records from polish.

Maybe these could help others too.
Greeting and good luck !

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