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Regarding message 3 below...

The article has been questions a bit by several people in the genetic
genealogy field.  I read it too long ago to be specific on the details.
However, most of us in the genetic genealogy world think that there must
have been some issues in the couple's past and this was just the final straw
or a good excuse.

I've known several families with affairs (past and present) and with DNA
test...It didn't lead to divorce.  I'm sure if you talked with the writer he
could tell you of family strife. Although he mentioned it, the writer didn't
focus on the great pluses in all this as well as the one minus...he has
gained family members.

Let's remember, most articles are written to seek attention and in the case
of newspapers and magazines, it is to sell them.  That goes for online
publications, also.  The more clicks on the site, the higher you are in the
search engines and sometimes your posting gets picked up by the
media....especially if it points out something negative toward anything!

However, I have always said, if you do not want to know the truth do not
take a DNA test.

If you do not hear from me in a timely manner, just write again...I was
buried in email.  LOL
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I read this article today. Another perspective on DNA testing entirely: With
genetic testing, I gave my parents the gift of divorce
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