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Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Thu Apr 2 05:20:55 PDT 2015

  Hello Joan,

        This is a nice find, from a register of population,
 a "book of souls".

      It lists the family of Ludwik Tonn and Berta Szteinke,
 starting in Russian with double dates, then switching to Polish.
 My Polish is a lot better than my Russian.
 Here's somethink to get us started:

 Tonn, Ludwik, parents Ludwik and Kristina geb Manke
 born 25 June/ 7 July 1880 - place given, but I'm not sure what it says.


 Tonn, Berta born Steinke, parents August and Susanna geb Bezler
 born 28 May/9 June 1888, place given

Children, all born in Trojaczek

 Elena  born 26 Feb/10 Mar 1908, died 8/21 March 1912

 Adela        15/28 Feb 1913

 Marta        23 Feb 1918

 Elza          31 July 1914

 Zygmund        13 May 1916

  The whole family are peasants, and protestant.


   There's much more on the right-hand page - but I hope
 this is enough for a starter,

               Paul Rakow
> The link is


On Thu, April 2, 2015 01:31, Joan Tonn wrote:
> Can someone translate this page for me?  It is of the Tonn family in
> Poland.
> Picture #85 is what I'm interested in.  Thanks so much!
> Joan


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