[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German migrants from Bug River to Siberia, 1912

Richard Benert benovich at live.com
Mon Apr 6 09:07:03 PDT 2015

I have just discovered an article in Wikipedia, “History of Germans in Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union,” in which is a link to an article on 39 German families (“Bug Hollanders”) who migrated from the Bug River area to Siberia in 1912.  The article is in Russian, but a right click allows you to see a machine translation into English (in other words, not very good, but you get the gist of it).  http://www.strana-oz.ru/2005/6/buzhskie-golendry

Does anyone know who wrote this Wikipedia article?  it was last updated on March 28, so someone is paying attention.  It has some significant flaws, however.

Dick Benert

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