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Hello Edelgard,

Try to find the name here (for ships in Rio de Janeiro):


Just type the name you are looking for below the "NOME" (try different
spellings) and click the magnifier in the top.

Best regards from Brazil.
Eduardo Kommers

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Hello Ron,

on the passengers list of the www.die-maus-bremen.de database I coud find
the following relatives, who emigrated to Rio on the ship Bonn on Nov. 21st,

1. Carl Zachäi b. 13 Oct 1859, Piskory, Kalisz, Wielkopolskie, Poland par.
Johann Gottlieb Zachej und Anna Elisabeth Zachej oo -Katharina Zwick b. Cir
|------2-Wilhelmine Zachäi b. 1892, Dorosin Nowe, Volyn, Russian Empire 
|(Ukraine) ------2-Friedrich Zachäi b. Cir 1894 ------2-Olga Zachäi b. 
|Cir 1897 ------2-Ernst Zachäi b. 17 Jul 1899, Dorosin Nowe, c. 18 Jul 
|1899, Rozyszcze, Lutsk, Wolhynien ------2-Hulda Zachäi b. 1901, 
|Pidlisky, Lutsk, Rozyszcze, Ukraine ------2-Leonhard Zachäi b. 29 Aug 
|1904, Pidlisky, Lutsk, Rozyszcze, Ukraine, c. 30 Aug 1904, Rozyszcze, 
|Lutsk, Wolhynien ------2-Gustav Zachäi b. 1907, Pidlisky, Lutsk, 
|Rozyszcze, Ukraine


Their name probably has changed to Zache. I have searched for them in
different databases, but could not find any of them.


I also have two Zache women, Amanda and Martha, from Volhynia in my db, who
married an unknown Wolfram, but I don't know if there is a connection to the
Wolfram family you mentioned:

1-Ferdinand Zache b. 17 Oct 1854, Bibianna, Turek, Polen, d. 9 May 1932,
..., Ukraine son of Daniel Zache und Juliane Krause  oo1. Pauline Hippke m.
22 Aug 1878, Heimthal, Nova-Rudnja, Wolhynien, Ukraine, d. 1902-1906,
Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien
|------2-Friedrich Zache b. Cir 1879, Neumanowka, d. 7 Nov 1885, 
|Heimthal, Nova-Rudnja, Wolhynien, Ukraine ------2-Auguste Helene Zachae 
|b. 14 Aug 1885, Neumanowka, d. 27 Aug 1885, Antonowka, Kostopol, 
|Wolhynien ------2-Ludwig Zachae ------2-Adolf Zachae ------2-Eduard 
|Zachae ------2-Rudolf Zachae b. Cir 1900, d. 1938
        ooAdina Drebert b. 1902, Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien, d. 1969
       |------3-Emma Zachae 
       |------3-Eduard Zachae 
       |------3-Edmund Zachae
 oo2. Lydia Berg b. 27 Jul 1887, Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien
|------2-Amanda Zache 
|       ooWolfram
|------2-Olga Zache 
|       ooNehring
|------2-Martha Zache

Regards from Germany,


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> As I mentioned previously, I do recall that there were at least two 
> other families who came to Alberta from Brazil in the early 
> 1900's.  If anyone would like to have me find those families, please 
> contact me and I will try.
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