[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Connection found in Westlock, AB Canada

Michaelle McDonald mam at mcdonald-partners.com.au
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Hi Mauricio
Did you try leaving a message for Linda Morgan who put the photo up on the 
site?  There is a link to her e-mail address.  She may be able to access the 
cemetery records for a contact, or know who can.
That's all very exciting for you.
Michaelle Krause McDonald

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Hi list

Regarding the discussion of Volhyians in Brazil then Canada, I have just
found a strong lead that I am pretty confident will restore a 100 years old
lost connection.
My grandma always commented about a Henschke that used to exchange letters
with her and her family back in the day. She always wanted to reconnect.
Before she died in 2003, she left a note with his name: Reinhold Henschke,
son of her aunt.

I found out her auntie was Christine Norenberg, who married Gottlieb
Norenberg, had a son called Reinhold in 1891 in Volhyina (ROZ).

I had tried Ancestry.com\Findagrave search many times before so was a
surprise to find Reinhold's grave just a few days ago:


Westlock seems to be close to Edmonton. Anyone here from Edmonton?

I wonder if anyone here would be able to find out who looks after
Reinhold's grave, I take it would be fairly easy to know where are his

Anyone keen to volunteer on contacting them for me and perhaps visit them
if they live near your place? The reason I am asking is because I'm a bit
cautious about phoning them, I had experiences of people thinking it's a
scam and also I don't want to scare them away.My Brazilian accent doesn't
help either.

Basically I just need to know who are Reinhold's parents for a start.

I am pretty excited that this would be a reunion and perhaps they will have
a whole new world of information from my ancestors.

Kind Regards
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