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The Polish Eagle seal, if you notice the archives one is bigger version the stamped seals- this is what I am guessing what your asking?    Prussia's has the black eagle & I haven't noticed much for stamping on records of churches or civil records b/m/d, but being I haven't seen official papers which would guess be stamped by an official.   I know when my great grand aunt in law died in Nebraska, in her will money went to her family back in Germany during Hitlers reign.  So every page of her will  the swastika was stamped by a lawyer/official & was returned to the Nebraska Lawyer.     I hope this helps,

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 Hi list

Just out of curiosity, what are these interesting insignias that are in
some rare birth records in Volhynia and what exactly it's written in there?
For instance this one from 1903:



this example came from here, but there are others


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