[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lodz or Chodecz

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Sat Apr 25 08:30:15 PDT 2015

 Hello gwilson,

     I'm not quite clear from your mail what the connection
 to Lanieta is - does the Chodecz film give Lanieta as the birth
 place? (We don't know your family as well as you do.)

    The Lanieta records you are looking at on-line are the Civil
 records for the Catholic parish of Lanieta. (They are now kept
 in the archive in Lodz, but are not connected to Lodz in any
 other way). Even though they are Catholic records, I do see
 one or two German surnames each year, so its possible you might
 find something there. The quick way to check is to look at the
 final page or two of each section, which has a surname index.

     Probably most of the Germans from Lanieta would show up
 in the Chodecz Protestant records instead. From the catalogue,
 I think the LDS films are the Chodecz church records (are they
 in German?).  I would expect that the Pastor in Chodecz originally
 kept two sets of records:  church records, and civil records in
 Polish - but the only Protestant Chodecz records I can find are the
 ones on the LDS microfilm.

                Paul Rakow

On Fri, April 24, 2015 19:13, gswilson19 at aol.com wrote:

> Looking at Metryki.Genbaza in Lodz, I see some scans for Lanieta. When I
> refer back to the information I received from SGGEE on my 2nd grt
> grandmother Louisa Kitzmann it says her birth record was found on LDS
> film # 0813112 Chodecz 1849 birth #80. Is the Lodz records the church
> books and the Chodecz records the Civil records? Will I find the birth in
> both places? I'm struggling through the writing and the Lodz records and
> want to make sure I'm not on a wild goose chase.
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