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Thank you for the info.  I shall study the maps.   Yes, Katharine did live with her son, Peter, until her death.  Many years ago I visited Peter’s son, John, in Winkler and he was the one who told me she was buried in a cemetery on a farmer’s property.  In his words, “ This cemetery is a mile west  of Plum Coulee, come just to the curve, turn south ½ mile and it is just over the tracks.”   It is always easy for those who have lived there, but for me, I need a map!!   


They were of the Mennonite faith.


Thanks,   Joan


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Your great grandmother was registered in Manitoba Vital Statistics Death Index as Katrina Bannman and she died 09/June/1915  at age 83.   REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1915-180347    vitalstats.gov.mb.ca

Sadly the database gives no other information other than it was registered in the Rural Municipality of Rhineland.  You can order the certificate and hope it gives more information.

Could this be her?  Sadly, sometimes the indexing has many spelling issues.

The 1911 census has a couple of Katrina or Katharina Bannmans, but they are much younger.  Perhaps the 83 is a typo?

But there IS a Katie Bannman aged 79 living with son Peter Bannman  which seems more likely


A website I found is for cemeteries around the Plum Coulee area

At least there is a map for each of the cemeteries and you could possibly contact the nearest town or possibly church in her faith.  

The Manitoba Genealogy Society has transcribed many cemeteries - see their pricelist for RM Rhineland cemeteries  http://www.mbgenealogy.com/  

Or you could send them a query if your family name is listed in one of the transcriptions.

Good luck,

Helen Gillespie


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I am also looking for a cemetery in Manitoba.  I was wondering if there is
anyone who would know of a cemetery just a mile west of Plum Coulee situated
in a farmer's field - a farm cemetery.  My great great grandmother,
Katherine Banman (Suderman) was buried there in 1915.  I am told there are
others buried there as well.  I hope to go there this year but I have no
idea how to get there.  Would appreciate any help.

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