[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] where is Gosdorf, Poland

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Hi Corinne,
you'll find the 1852 marriage record Hoffmann/Roechert in church records of 
lutheran parish at Radom.
This records are NOT online. You'll have to get the record from Radom states 

Stockmann was the pastor of the lutheran church at Radom at that time. He 
had to serve many places around the town of Radom - up to 50 km and more.

Birth place of the (first) children should be Julianow, ! TCZOW !, county of 
Zwolen, 25 km east of Radom.
Think, you'll find their birth records also in Radom lutheran records.

There are 2 places - more or less near to Radom - with the former names 
Gozdow and Gozdawa.
First place is today called Gozd (spelled Gosd), distance to Zwolen (see 
above) is about 12 km.
Second place is about 28 km south of Zwolen.
Both places have been passed by many colonists on their way to Volynia.


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