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Hi tammy/brandt....I saw this email and have a question.  My great
grandfather Michael Hartstock was born in Nowy Dwor about 1844.  He married
Wilhelmine Karoline Stockman (born in 1846) (daughter of Martin Stockman and
Eufrosine Witt on 8 Sept 1865 in Wyszogrod.  Eufrosine Witt died 22 Jan
Do you have any further information about the Hartstock link.  Thanks..Bob
Hartstock/ Northern CA.

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I have Witt ancestry from the Nowy Dwor region of Poland. My
3rd-great-grandmother, Justina Karolina Witt, was born in Reischewo, Nowy
Dwor, Poland in 1842. Her parents were Jacob Witt and Anna Joseph. Justina
married Ludwig Heinrich Joseph in 1859, and moved to Uljanowka in the
Volhynia region within the next 10 years. They immigrated to Manitoba,
Canada between 1901-1906, and lived there until their deaths. 

Several of their descendants have taken DNA tests. My grandfather, Fred
Gibson, is the great-grandson of Ludwig and Justina, and has tested at
23andMe, and I've uploaded his data to GedMatch (kit #M224139). 
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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] WITT famlies of Volhynia or Nowy Dwor

My great-grandmother Auguste was born in the 1890's in Volhynia in the Dubno
area. She and her sister Marie both believed their birth surname was WITT. 
Further DNA evidence suggests that this may be correct. I am looking for
Witt families from the Dubno area that may be related to her. 
I have branched out the trees of her adopted parents, Peter & Wilhelmina
(Busse) Rehlich and did not find connections to WITT. When I began to branch
out trees of Peter & Wilhelmina's relatives and close friends that lived in
Bruce Crossings, MI. I found ties to many families located in Bridgman,
Three Oaks and Berrien, MI. 
Several families had WITT ancestors that lived in the same area of Volhynia.
It is obvious that these families knew each other. 
I am especially interested in the following WITT connections: 
Samuel Schulz  married 1864 to Caroline WITT (born 1842) August WITT
married 1864  Wilhelmina Borgwardt Frederick WITT married Alwine
Jaruschewitz  had son Benjamin WITT  born1883 Johanna C. F. WITT (born 1826)
married Jacob Gitersonke 
Also interested in WITT families that came from the Nowy Dwor region of
If anyone is researching the WITT side of these families, please contact me.
We are especially interested in information relating to their ancestors or
if any descendents of these WITT families have taken a DNA test or would be
interested in one. 
Additionally if anyone knows if there are online records for Nowy Dwor, I
would appreciate a link to them.
Thanks in advance, 
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