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I am among those looking for Bibles I know existed because I have references, and for one a negative photostat of one page , all births; my father is the last entry, born in the City of St. Louis ,Missouri USA   

I have a German  Bible I purchased at the Pasadena (California, USA) Swap Meet years ago - not that I wanted or needed a Bible, I didn't -  certainly not in German fraktur, but because I asked the lady why she was SELLING her family Bible!!   She sighed heavily, and told me she lived in Berlin during WW II and it was a treasured family thing - but every time the Nazis came close, someone had to hurry it down  to the cellar and bury it in the coal bin - because if they were caught with it, the whole family would have been shot.     She said that's what she thought of every time she looked at this Bible.  I will always remember the look on that lady's face.    Gave her a hug and she said thank you!

If I remember correctly, her family name in that Bible was Richter - I gave her $5 for it, and told her I would take good care of it.  It is still here, though I'd have to hunt for it, some 20-25 years later.  I have something close to 4,000 books, so that's a major hunt.  

Best read lately: An Eagle Named Freedom; My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship by Jeff Guidry. ISBN 978-0-06-182674-0
Read it so fast I'll have to sit down with a glass of something and read it again.  It is incredible.   

 Maureen in tooooo sunny, dry, fiery  Southern California.

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It makes me wonder because if they are not destroyed or rotten, they
have gone somewhere, but where?
Sometimes they end up in museums and
But I do have accounts of sad histories about them getting

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> We have our Krause Family Bible,
but it seems to be a new one started when
> they came to Australia in late
1900's.  But at least if gave us a starting
> point as it had the birth places
and parents names of my Great Great
> Grandparents (the generation before) also
recorded in it.  Without that we
> would have had no clue, as we always assumed
they came from Germany (as
> that's where he left from after studying to become
a Lutheran Pastor in
> Germany), but it turns out they were from Poland.
But your post just made me think - somewhere out there will be the bible
> from
Poland and the generations before!!
> Michaelle
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> For the Volhynian families who migrated to the Americas:
was it a common
> thing for every family to have a family bible? I just wonder
how many of
> you have this preserved.
> I don't have any accountability of
my ancestors having one but wonder if it
> exists and still preserved in the
hands of a distant cousin somewhere (a
> never ending search).
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