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Hi Bronwyn

Martin Krause 1824-1863 born in Konstantynow, Konin, Wielkopolskie, Poland (Parents Johann Gottlieb Krause and Anna Luise Schnell)
and Anna Elisabeth Fandrich (1827-?) born in Belny, Konin, Wielkopolskie, Poland (Parents Christoph Fandrich and Anna Kristine Suess)

I don’t know where the parents came from at all and I totally lose track of all of the family in Poland after 1940.  I can trace on the SGGEE site that some went on to Volhynia around 1880 and some to Chelm/Lublin (1870’s to 1940) area.

I have sent endless Facebook messages and emails to every Krause and Krauze in the general area but the rare reply has been unsuccessful.

Martin and Anna had 7 children including my Great Grandfather, my deepest wish would be to find another descendant from one of his siblings.  One day.


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I suspect Poland did not exist when your ancestors left Europe; at the very least they are ethnic German.  The Poles usually spell Krause Krauze.
What place of birth is given in this Bible for your ancestors?

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  We have our Krause Family Bible, but it seems to be a new one started when they came to Australia in late 1900's.  But at least if gave us a starting point as it had the birth places and parents names of my Great Great Grandparents (the generation before) also recorded in it.  Without that we would have had no clue, as we always assumed they came from Germany (as that's where he left from after studying to become a Lutheran Pastor in Germany), but it turns out they were from Poland.

  But your post just made me think - somewhere out there will be the bible from Poland and the generations before!!


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  For the Volhynian families who migrated to the Americas: was it a common
  thing for every family to have a family bible? I just wonder how many of
  you have this preserved.

  I don't have any accountability of my ancestors having one but wonder if it
  exists and still preserved in the hands of a distant cousin somewhere (a
  never ending search).

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