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I do think it is important that we also realise that those in responsible
for records and registers took this charge very seriously.  Pastors fleeing
from the Russians would take Church books with them (hence
http://www.ezab.de/english/parish_registers.html); of course if caught the
Russians seldom viewed these as important to preserve as did the Germans.
In Warsaw archivists, taking huge risks, buried records, so that an amazing
amount survived the razing of that city.

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> To the list,
> If you've wondered why so many records are missing....this website has a
> number of film offerings to explain the conditions in Europe during and
> just after the Second World War.  A number of the documentaries are in
> English, but the visuals are self-explanatory for those that are not.
> http://www.many-roads.com/2015/06/06/why-are-so-many-records-missing/
> Helen
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