[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Christoph Grenke - Ossowka Marriage Record (1863)

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Hello Matthew,


I am glad if I could help. I'll see if I can find documents. But it will 
take some time.






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Hi Ilona,

Thank you so much for this information. If you have a copy with further 
information that would be great.

Best Regards,


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  Hello Matthew,

  here the entry to the marriage of Christopher Grenke, born in Fabianki.
  Parents are Adam and Eve Grenke, born Lotter (died).
  He marries the Amalie Krzesinska, born in Grabiny. The parents are Johann
  Krzesiński and Maria, born Schmidt.
  They married on February 5, 1863 in Rumunki Wola.

  On the side are still birth and death dates. Should I see if I have this

  Many greetings


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  Hi Everyone,

  Does anyone have a copy of this marriage record for:

  Kryztof Grohnke and Amalia Krzesiwka. The marriage was in 1863 in
  #715181 KB-Nr. #13

  Christoph Grenke was my great-great grandfather.

  Best Regards,

  Matthew Grenke
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