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There is relevant information in the VKP database, including the marriage of 
Wilhelm Hausschulz and Louise Thrun widow Karp on 29 Sep 1872 in Rozyszcze. 
Here is the link to the scan of the marriage record 

VKP database lists confirmations of two sons of Carl Karp / Louise Thrun 
born in 1860 and 1862, respectively, in Rummelsburg, and the deaths of two 
other infant sons in Apr 1872 in Alexandrowka, Rozyszcze parish.  Carl Karp 
died 11 Apr 1872 age 52, born Schoessin, Rummelsburg.

Sorry I can't help with the Stettin records.

Dick Stein

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I am searching for more information on my grandmother family line.

Born   Bertha Charlotte THRUN,  18 March 1853, Frausdorf, Koslin.
Married  Konrad Hartmann FRIEDRICH,  6 April 1876, Alt – Alexandrowka 
Volhynia  Rozyszcze Parish
Died Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, 08 May 1939

Father, simply known as Baron von Thrun born Stetten, Pomerania  abt 1830, 
died abt 1865
a landowner with Ruttergut, which was lost because he did not have a son as 
an heir.
Mother, Louise maiden name unkonwn, born Stetten abt 1833, died Alt- 
Alexandrowka abt 1900
married Wilhem Hausschulz 29 Sept 1872, later marriage to unknown KARP.

There is a film index record of Gottfried THRUN as a landowner in West 
Prussia land records.
Thrun, Gotfr. Postlau am ( Kries ) Dirschau film  18011024  6035  244  45.

Hopefully, someone on our listserve can help me to find more records in the 
Stetten area.

Lloyd Friedrick,  Victoria,  Vancouver Island, Canada

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