[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Introduction - researching from Australia.

Caroline Brymora carolinebrymora at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 01:42:34 PST 2015


I thought I would write an introduction before I start reading through the
archived emails.

Mr Reiner Kerp suggested that I join this site. I am grateful to him.

I am from Australia and am researching my husband's genealogy. His
grandfather brought the family to Australia in the 1950s. I have found that
the Brymora family came from the Przybynow parish of Czestochowa.  I have
traced back this line to the 1760s in the same parish.

Researching the other parts of the family has led me further afield.
Specific to this mailing list, to Pabianice and Biala Gorna and Czarny Las.

My husband's grandfather was said to speak German, and this got him out of
a lot of trouble during world war 2. The family did not know why he could
speak german.  I tracked down the name of his parents, and his mother's
name was Paulina Getner (or Gertner).

Her father Filip Gertner married Krystyna Holler in 1871 in Czarny Las. I
noticed a lot of german sounding names in the records for this area, and
wondered whether there were german settlers in the area.

It was in searching for more information about them that I found Mr Kerp's
information and contacted him.  He has in his tree Krystyna's parents and
two siblings. I have sent him the details I found about Krystyna to add to
his tree. This does give me a whole lot more information than I had before,
and I need to go through it in detail and understand it .

I will go through the email archives, but wanted to introduce myself and
where I am up to with my research before I ask any questions on the mailing

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and new year - here in Australia
it is quite warm (it was 39 degrees celcius last week). Quite the opposite
of winter in Europe!

Thank you for letting me participate here.



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