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Welcome Sarah,
You are making some good progress partially translating Polish records. The SGGEE website has resources to help you learn the basics of translating Polish and Cyrillic records so if you get into this deeper you may want to look into that. I find it helpful to recognize and understand numbers, months, and words that indicate relationships.


Generally christenings included a male and female godparent (Pathen). Normally one of the witnesses was the male pathen. There can be individual exceptions to this and you probably have one case where two women were designated. Jungfrau is German for unmarried. Often pathen and witnesses were related to the parents or at least very close friends. So its good to pay attention to that. As you study more records from the church you will see patterns of which families tend to associate with each other.

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 Thanks to Rose Ingram for linking to
 the Poland Evangelical Records. I started looking around in
 the Kobylki book and found pages full of documents with my
 family's names on them. I just have some questions about
 what a baptism likely involved.  Here is a link to one
 Rather than having two godparents listed, they instead have
 (based on my best understanding from google translate) two
 male witnesses. Then under the listing for Pathen (google
 translate says that means godfather) there are the names of
 two women. In some of the records one of the women's names
 has the word jungfrau in parenthesis. Jungfrau apparently
 means maiden/virgin so I am assuming it means unmarried. So
 were the men just witnesses or would one of them acted as a
 godfather? Why were there two women listed?  Any other
 information that anyone knows would be welcome. 
 I am just wondering because I see so many familiar names all
 over records throughout this record and I wondered how
 closely they were tied to these people with names I don't
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