[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records of Radom

Robert Norenberg robertnorenberg at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 30 14:28:50 PST 2015

Hello    After viewing the records at "family search" on Radom I now realize that there are a few more records for this Parish
that were not filmed and therefore could be of great advantage for those doing research here. It may also already be common 
knowledge though. In the church records now posted at the Wolhynien Forum there is a film that contains about 24 pages of 
death records for Radom. They basically cover the years 1871-1875. They are not "official" records, I would think, but were 
written by the Kantor (Carl Lechelt). I assume he would have taken these records with him when he relocated eastward into 
Vohlynia. In the Kantoratsbucher (Swojczoka) Film # 2380038 Numbered PL_1_439_125_001 through to PL_1_439_125_0024
there are these particular records from Radom. They are done in the Polish Format and have such things as the ages of the witnesses
maiden names etc. and they were a goldmine for me. If anyone is interested in Radom they could prove very helpful.   R. Norenberg

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