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Marcia Ritke-Momose mkrm001 at icloud.com
Sat Feb 28 03:44:10 PST 2015

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your response and the detailed information regarding Bialystok. 
I checked the Lutheran parish record at raduraksti for the years that include 1862, and my g-grandmother’s birth record was not there (Rosalie Baum, b. 1862).

Thank you also for your kind offer to help read the handwriting.

How long was your family in Ciechanowiec? 
I am wondering if this city was a stopping off point before going on to Volhynia? (Baum family moved to Radoschin, Rozyszcze where Rosalie married Karl Robert Polsfuss in 1881.)

Rosalie Baum’s older brother, Gottlieb, stated in his USA census record that he was from “Schlesien” and from the county of “Leniz.” Rosalie was 12 years younger than her brother, Gottlieb, and he was born in 1850.
For years I have been looking at Schlesien as Rosalie’s birthplace, also.

Is “Knyszyn” the Polish rendering of a German town? If so, how would it have been rendered in German?

I cannot identify the town Ritzko and/or Ruetzka(s).
Some have suggested Rudka, but that seems to eliminate the “tz” sound.

Ridke, Baum, Polsfuss, Bresch, Schultz, Abraham, Schoenrock, May

> On Feb 27, 2015, at 4:12 PM, Paul Rakow <paul.rakow at cantab.net> wrote:
>  Hello Marcia,
>       The town  Ciechanowiec was one of the industrial towns
> in the Bialystok area - I had Gruenke and Huebner ancestors
> living in Knyszyn, one of the other towns in that area, so I have
> some ideas about what records are available.
>      Ciechanowiec was part of Bialystok parish. The LDS have
> microfilmed a lot of Lutheran records in the Bialystok archives,
> and there are also on-line records available from the Latvian
> National Archives in Riga. Both sets have gaps, but putting
> them together they make a pretty good collection of records.
>      For the online records, go to
>      http://www.lvva-raduraksti.lv/en.html
>   The first time you will have to register and choose a
> password. After that, you should be on a page called
> Raduraksti, with a family tree on it.
> Follow the links:
>  Contents > Church books > Evangelic Lutheran >
>> Parishes outside the Latvian territory
> and then Belostokas (for Bialystok).
>     The Pastor only visited Ciechanowiec once a year, I'm not
> sure how complete the records are. If you can't find your
> family in the Lutheran records, it might be a good idea to
> check other denominations.
>     I've got fairly confident in reading Pastor Kuentzel's
> handwriting, so I might be able to help if you get stuck.
>             Paul Rakow
> On Fri, February 27, 2015 11:06, Marcia Ritke-Momose wrote:
>> Many thank yous to Rose, Frank and Natalia for responding to my inquiry
>> about Tschichanowitz. The information gleaned from these responses is most
>> helpful. All three responses have independently identified the same
>> village, Ciechanowiec, so that will be the focus of my search for
>> records.
>> With much appreciation and greetings from Pennsylvania, USA,
>> Marcia

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