[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Question about using Legacy for non-family info ... sort of

Edie Adam edieadam at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 06:56:08 PST 2015

Thanks for answering my question! I agree with you that the EWZ is shaky,
genealogically speaking. For this village I have in some cases extended
families with enough detail to check against other records. And then there
are younger people who were documented without families.

The oral history I have about this village says many of the people came
from Volhynia. But the "parent/grandparent" generation would fall in the
time frame where the St Pete records are not available. In some cases, the
EWZ information crosses that gap and I may be able to go back in time. I've
also seen some hints that the same names appear in the same places as my
family in Volhynia and again in this village. So maybe I can get some clues
from this exercise.
And it's winter and long, cold evenings are a good time to work on family
research. :)

On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 1:54 AM, Gary Warner <garyw555 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Edie,
> Attached is a screen capture that shows where the Add unlinked individual
> is located.   The mail list will not get the attachment, but they can find
> the button in the Add menu.
> Let's say that you add 100 such unlinked individuals to your database.
>  The problem is going to be that until you also add the spouses, children
> and parents of these unlinked persons, you are going to have a very
> difficult time in correctly merging the unlinked individuals.   The problem
> is that there is either not enough explicit information given on the
> individual, or it is almost, but not quite the same.  And then there is the
> problem with EWZ being recollections of people that had no records to
> verify the data given.  Family structure is always the best way to
> determine if people are the same.  That is the same wife with the same kids
> of the same ages, and same birth places.  Using village names might work in
> many cases, but EWZ also has plenty of errors on village names.
> Gary Warner
> On 12/31/2014 3:11 PM, Edie Adam wrote:
>> Hello list, so I made the decision to use my $10 off offer and buy Legacy
>> Deluxe. After seeing the couple webinars at SGGEE conventions, I knew it
>> would be an interesting challenge to make full use of the fantastic
>> features demonstrated. :)
>> But now a question for those who know Legacy inside out. I want to create
>> a
>> database of individuals who were born in a specific village and those
>> related to them based on the EWZ records.
>> I want to use the software to help me discover relationships among all the
>> families that are not immediately obvious. For example, is the Jane Doe
>> born on this date in this family record the same Jane Doe born on the same
>> date for the other EWZ record?
>> And I suspect that many of the individuals going back to time may have
>> started out related to each other or at least always in the same area in
>> each generation.
>> Which is a long way of asking how to enter data as individuals without
>> necessarily establishing familial relationships?
>> Happy new year to all! And thanks in advance for any assistance.
>> Edie Adam
>> Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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