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Hello Helen,I am originally from Neche.  The Neche and Gretna Lutheran Germen population had a combined congregation until Neche built the Lutheran church in 1912. I did see that in the 1920 US Census that August and Auguste Eisbrener and children lived in the Bathgate (next town south of Neche) area.  Immigration year was 1897.  He naturalized citizenship in 1919.  If this is the same Eisbrener you may be able to find out more from the Customs and Immigrations Service thru the Freedom of Information Act.  The paperwork is simple and available online from the Service at the Genealogy section.  To my knowledge there are no Eisbreners or Milkes left in the area.  There may be a few in Grand Forks, ND. August Weiss was married to Ida Fisher.  Most of the Wiess' have left the area or past away.  There is probably still a grandson or two in the area. Many (not all) of the Germans of Gretna and Neche came from villages along and near the road from Rowno (Rivne) to Kostopol.  Many came thru Canada and worked for the Mennonites of Gretna and Nyhorst for two years to fill immigration requirements.  They worked the farms in Manitoba and cut timber in both Manitoba and North Dakota. Hope this helps.   Randy  Searching Pohl, Nixdorf, and Paetsch

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Helen, if your family was like mine they came back to West Prussia from Volhynia and some of them emigrated from Jagolitz to Alberta Canada in 1900. I was there in October but having trouble finding records from there for the 1890s. Carol Duff

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> I have been trying to break the mystery of exactly where in Volhynia my German Lutheran great grandparents Eisbrener/Milke came from as no one in our extended descendant line has any idea.  
> They immigrated to Neche, North Dakota in the late 1890's a year apart.  Both of them, and the Weiss family that August came with, stated on ship manifests that they came from Jalowitz.  Also Lutheran church records in Gretna, Manitoba also list other immigrants who came from Jalowitz.
> Their son who was born just before immigration stated in WW1 documents that he was born in Rivne, Wohlynia.
> Through researching SGGEE articles I found a spreadsheet with: 
> Jalowicze, Milyn, Rivne, Volhynian    North 503855 -- East 252340 --- Ukrainian name Яловичі - which I believe is the most likely place they came from.  
> My question to all SGGEE experts out there - do you have any recommendations of next steps for researching that particular area for hiring researchers, archives/records? I can't find anything on the Milyn area through internet searching and researching the Volhynia sites.
> Thanks, Helen
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