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Hello Kate, 
I want to thank you so much for responding to my plea on this list.   I have
been searching for any Witzke family who could be descendants of my
Gustav Witzke for many years and you are really the only ray of hope I have
in a long, long time.

 I have looked at the document on pages 168 and 169, but I only speak
English so
therefore, I could read none of it.  Wish there was a button on my computer
which would translate it for me!

I don't know of any Adolfs or Rudolf Witzke's that were in my family but
that doesn't
mean that they were not related.    I do know that my Great Grandfather
Gustav Witzke
was married several times.   He had several children but I think that his
younger children were step children.   His oldest child was my Grandmother,
Matilda Witzke born 1893, Albert Witzke born 1894 and Hulda (or Hilda)
Witzke born 1895.  All three
came to the USA in 1910 and 1911 and I knew all of them.
Then the next child was Richard (Richart?) Witzke.  He remained in Russia
and married someone named Ida and they had 5 children.   At some point,
Richard and his family moved to Omsk, Siberia.   In 1931, Richard and Ida
and their 5 children were living in Omsk.  I have a copy of a translated
letter from him to his sister, Matilda.  
It even contained an address in it and I wrote a letter in English, German
and Russian
and mailed it to that address explaining that it was in search of Family
History, but I did not receive a reply.  

The last Witzke child was Olga Witzke, who was blind.   There were several
children but I do not know if they carried the Witzke name.  He spoke of
them in letters as if they were his own, but they may have been stepchildren
to him.   Helmut,
Regina, Jonathan.  
In the last letter written from Gustav to his daughter, Matilda in 1931, he
and his wife (perhaps Amanda?) were living with another family.   The letter
had been translated as Daniels but I don't think that is a German surname,
so it could have been Brendels.  

Thank you in advance for any information you can share with me.   

Nancy Cramer    

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Hello Nancy,

this village still exists in Ukraine, it calls Wyazovets' located in
Chervonoarmiysk (former Pulin) district of Zhitomyr oblast' (administrative
Until 1937 it called Viderne (Viderno).

I've been to Wyazovets' in 2004 (my parents live nearby), we were looking
for Schulz ancestors.

In the book Rehabilitated by History (list of people who suffered from
Stalin's terror and repressions, opened secret archives data) there are a
lot of Witzke from Wyazovets that means a lot of relatives of the repressed
could lived there even after fearful 1937-1938 (see pages 168-169
http://www.reabit.org.ua/files/store/Zhitom.2.pdf, Віцке). For example, here
are 2 persons from this list: Witzke Adolf Danylovich (patronymic), born in
1881 and Witzke Rudolf Adolfovich born in 1917 in Wyazovets. There are also
other Witzke from different villages/colonies of Pulin district.

Please write to me if you find this info useful and will need any other
infor or help with reading Russian/Ukrainian.

Kate Wertmiller,
Kyiv, Ukraine

On 16 янв. 2015, at 04:21, Nancy Cramer wrote:

> Hello Listers,
> Are their any people on this list who are searching for ancestors who
> in Wjasowich, Wohlynien?
> This area is now in the Ukraine and probably has a different name.    My
> ancestors were from Germany
> but my Grandmother Matilda Witzke was born in "White Russia" or "Prussia".
> The family later moved
> to the Wohlynien area.    Her father was Gustav Witzke.   In 1910 when she
> was 18, she came to the United States but I
> have always tried to find out what happened to her family that remained in
> Wjasowich, Wohlynien. 
> I have very little information on the family that was left behind.  I have
> portrait of the family and some copies
> of some old letters between Grandmother Matilda and her father.  The last
> letter was dated around 1931.  
> Is there anyone on this list who is searching in this area?
> Thank you so very much, 
> Nancy Cramer
> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  
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