[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Researcher in Rowno/Rive

Helen Lallo helen_lallo at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 16:34:10 PST 2015

Thank you Carol. I will consider Jagolitz and have added itto my area to hire a researcher to check. Thank you Randy,   Ihave immigration paperwork for both my great grandfather and his oldest sonthat North Dakota provided me with but I will check with the national service.I did not know the route they took from Rowno, although I do have the shipmanifests, and I did not know the Lutheran churches were combined so thank you. 
I have tried contacting the Lutheran Church in the past to see if I could hirea researcher but never got a response.  Ihad created a family tree on the Weiss family hoping to find a descendant andthat is one of the many places where I found documents that also statedJalowitz, the same as what our family was told. For example: (i.e. Confirmation records from 1915 for Gottlieb Weissfrom Zion Lutheran Church in Friedensthal it states he was born in Jalowitz,Wohl, Russland in 1866. I still need an expert in the Rowno/Rivne area if any SGGEE researchers know of to help me with next steps. Thanks, Helen


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