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Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 10:08:46 PST 2015

Poking about on the Internet again and found some interesting sites....

http://www.westpreussen.de  Family research organization in West Prussia -
has a database of names but most of the site is in German

http://www.ostpreussen.de  connects to Bilderarchiv (picture archives),
newspaper online archives 1949 to date,  Also has documentaries - some in
English - see "historische filme".  Some are silent like "Eisernte in
Ostpreussen" about harvesting ice in East Prussia, but found another
selection of documentaries on East Prussia in both English and German at
the end


Some are documentaries about East Prussia and West  Prussia, Silesia and
Pommern  at the end of the war and are heartrending, but even if the films
are in German or Polish and you cannot understand them, some of the visuals
don't need explanations. But also for those of us who have never been
there, visuals of the landscape are of interest.

Some are more like a travelogue, blending old and new images and history.

One film:  Ostpreussen/Deutsche Landschaften bis 1945 is translated as East
Prussia/German landscapes to 1945 and is a historical travelogue using
current and historical films

The war documentaries are  difficult to watch.

The Manitoba website www.manitobia.ca has a number of digitized books on
towns, villages and rural municipalities of that province

Might take a few minutes to download but they are searchable for names if
your ancestors lived there.


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