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Krampetz at aol.com Krampetz at aol.com
Mon Jan 19 11:35:03 PST 2015

Thanks Helen,  will be looking them over.. 
In similar spirit of 'poking' around:  I found:
  "One Stone",  actually "Kamien na Kamienu",  a Polish  Blog that 
describes itself -
    "in the footsteps of settlers in KreisThorn  .."
NO hard genealogy there (I did find mention of surnames I'm  researching!)  
but seems more on pictures of older buildings, churches,  homes, ruins and 
mostly old German grave yards in and around Thorn.
Google translate does a credible job for those unable to read the Polish  
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gilleh23 at gmail.com writes:

Poking  about on the Internet again and found some interesting  sites....

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