[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynian Village Adventure Tour, 2015

Don Miller dnmiller at whiz.to
Sat Jan 24 20:35:21 PST 2015

Volhynian Village Adventure Tour
September 1 to 9, 2015

This is just a note to alert you to the next Volhynian Village Adventure Tour which is scheduled for September 1 – 9, 2015.  The tour could be extended a day or two, depending on who joins the tour and how large it is.  It is currently limited to Eastern Volhynia (the area roughly from Zhitomir to Rovno, and Emilcin to Karlswalde) and seven people.  If you are serious about going, I would suggest you get your reservation fee of $100 in soon, as the tour usually fills up by the first of March.  I have a brochure posted on my site: www.volhynia.org (though the dates have not yet been changed), as well as several reports of previous tours, if you are interested.  

Some have asked whether it is safe to travel to Ukraine.  The answer is “Yes, if things remain as is.”  Our village tours are some 500-600 miles from Eastern Ukraine where the sporadic fighting is taking place.  It is no where near where we go.  We would never put people into harm’s way.

For most tour members, this is a once-in-a-life-time experience.

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