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Thank you so much Mr. Milner!

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 12:10 PM, Jack Milner <wjmilner at shaw.ca> wrote:
> *Volhynia and the Partitioning of Poland*
> Volhynia had been a feudal province with a Polish aristocracy and Ukrainian
> serfs, ruled by Poland until the late 18th century, when Poland was
> partitioned by the Prussian, Austrian, and Russian empires.  Prussia,
> Russia, and Austria had already annexed parts of Poland in 1772 and 1793.
> During the third partition in 1795, Poland's last remaining territory was
> occupied by the three partitioning powers, which resulted in the
> disappearance of Poland from the European map.
> In 1815, at the Congress of Vienna, Russia formally incorporated the greater
> part of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and allowed some semi-autonomy with little
> interference. There were several uprisings and rebellions over the next 50
> years, but it was the one in 1863 that finally caused Russia to clamp down
> on the Poles. Beginning in 1867, they enforced the use of the Russian
> language as that of education and government.
> After the partitions of Poland, Volhynia was a gubernia, or province, of the
> Russian Empire until 1921, when the western part of Volhynia once again
> became part of Poland. In 1945 the entire area of the Volhynia Gubernia was
> absorbed into the Soviet Union, but the gubernia system was no longer used
> and the Volhynia name was used to identify a smaller region, called an
> oblast, in the western part of the old gubernia. Most of what was the
> Volhynia Gubernia is now in Ukraine, with a small part of northern Volhynia
> in Belarus. Major cities and towns in and around Volhynia include Zhitomir
> (the former capital), Rovno, Lutsk, Kovel, Berdichev, and Novograd-Volinsk.
> On 2015-01-26 12:45 PM, Peter wrote:
>> If someone could please help shed light on my ignorance of exactly
>> when and if Poland was truly part of Russia, I'd greatly appreciate
>> it.
>> Many thanks,
>> Peter Schmidt
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