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Some names appear in the member's Main Pedigree Database, but does not have the marriage of Anna Neumann to Johann Witt, which could make the connection to parents Andreas Neumann and Eva Kopp.

You would need to ask the person who sent you this graph where he found the the January 1828 marriage record.  


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  Can anyone help me in confirming this information that I just received?

  Received July 6, 2015

  Hallo Herr Neumann,

  das sind die Forschungsdaten, die ich von Andreas Neumann habe.


  Nachkommen von Andreas NEUMANN-16834

  Seite 1

  6 Jul 2015

  1. Andreas NEUMANN-16834 (g.Ung 1788)

  SE: Eva KOPP-16835 (g.Ung 1788)

  2. Anna NEUMANN-5552 (g.1806/1808-Januszew,Ilow,Warschau,Poland)

  SE: Johann WITT-5551 (g.1801/1805-Sady,Gombin,Warschau,Polen;h.6 Jan 1828)

  3. Anna WITT-5550 (g.1832-Piotrkowek,Ilow,,Poland;t.31 Dez

  3. Heinrich WITT-6276 (g.Jan 1836-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland;t.28 Mai

  3. Christine WITT-14571 (g.8 Feb 1838-Piotrkowek,Ilow,,Polen)

  3. Christian WITT-15014 (g.9 Jan 1842-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland)

  3. Karoline WITT-5972 (g.15 Okt 1843-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland;t.12
  Mai 1844-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland)

  3. Julianne WITT-5932 (g.23 Nov 1845-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland;t.14
  Dez 1845-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland)

  3. Johann WITT-6224 (g.1 Jan 1847-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland;t.22 Jan

  3. Ludwika WITT-15552 (g.28 Jan 1849-Piotrkowek,Ilow,Warschau,Poland)

  2. Heinrich NEUMANN-6101 (g.1807-Kepa Sladowska,Ilow,Warschau,Polen)

  SE: Christine DALMANN-6102 (g.1813-Kepie Pomocenski,,,Poland;h.12 Nov 1830)

  3. Eleonore NEUMANN-6123 (g.28 Aug 1832-Piotrkowek,Gombin,,Poland)

  3. Justine NEUMANN-6100 (g.5 Okt 1835-Piotrkowek,Gombin,,Poland)

  3. Christian NEUMANN-18789 (g.16 Feb 1840-Zajezierzu,Poland;t.13 Jan



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