[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mennonite cemetery in Trylu

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The Michelsdorf cemetery was cleaned up in 2011. It was totally trashed 
and over grown, with lilacs and impenetrable like most other German 
cemeteries in Poland. Adam Panasiuk, who lives in nearby Urszulin and is 
a local historian, participated in that effort. He told me that European 
Union provided financial support for that work. All the labour seemed to 
be local. In that case a few broken headstones were found, reassembled 
and re-erected.  Most of the markers were wood and are lost for ever. 
The cemeteries can be cleaned up but cannot restored.

Despite this it was a worth while project and good to see the younger 
generations are interested in their history. Maybe there is even a 
growing sense of forgiveness. But without ongoing maintenance it will 
soon be overgrown again. All the roots are still in the ground. It would 
be interesting to see what it looks like today.

Adam has already published the histories of three villages near where he 
lives. They are Michelsdorf (Michalow), Andrezejow and Wereszczyn. They 
are well researched and unbiased. His website is historia.urszulina.net 
. This work is also supported and funded by EU.


On 7/19/2015 2:05 PM, Sig Tullmann wrote:
> I agree that SGGEE might be the right organization to get involved and
> initiate an effort.  I  would support any Polish volunteer efforts with a
> donation as well. But couldn't key funding come from the German government
> ? Aren't there organizations in Germany today that have both the interest
> and resources to address this issue.
> I don't know how wide spread the problem of abused Lutheran cemeteries is.
> Some years ago I visited my grandfather's grave in the Lutheran cemetery in
> Warsaw and it seemed well maintained. On the other hand in 2013 I tried to
> visit the Lutheran cemetery in Nowy Dwor - north of Warsaw near Modlin. The
> cemetery was a pile of rubble behind a locked gate. At the time I noticed
> that a restoration effort had started in the adjoining Jewish cemetery,
> parts of it also still a pile of rubble. I have since learned that
> particular restoration effort was started by a US resident and son of a
> Holocaust survivor,  David Wluka. He got local support from Nowy Dwor
> officials and the Jewish community of Warsaw.
> Sig Tullmann
> On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 11:50 AM, <dennisbaehr at centurytel.net> wrote:
>> This is a wonderful and respectful activity by the Polish volunteers.
>> Last September my family visited German cemeteries near Plock that were in
>> need  of cleaning. Perhaps this is an activity that SGGEE could support
>> financialy.  I would be ready to make a donation for something like this.
>> Dennis Baehr
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>> For those interested in following the  Polish volunteers that are cleaning
>> up protestant/German cemeteries in and  around Thorn,  Today's posting is
>> of
>> work in a Mennonite cemetery in the town of Trylu   (north of  Torun)..
>>    Pictures & text in Polish.   Previous postings listed  on right side.
>> https://kamiennakamieniu.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/prace-na-cmentarzu-mennoni
>> ckim-w-trylu/
>> Bob K.
>>   I was thinking,  these groups can use  thanks...
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