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Thank you all for your help! I wanted to make sure this was the same individual and that I was reading this correctly. I appreciate your time and effort!
I think I figured out what parish it came from. The certificate that I have (see here: https://flic.kr/p/vziXsJ ) says it comes from Tomaszow Mazowiecki. This is the certificate that my family in Germany had a copy of. It was copying the information from the parish record. I found that Gottlieb's birth record has been indexed  here http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl/index.php?rid=3327&from_date=&to_date=&search_lastname=Jeswein&search_lastname2=&rpp1=0&bdm=D&w=05ld&op=gt&lang=pol .  The record number and all of the family information matches the indexed information, so that is mostly likely the parish where the image came from. 
Here a few other images that were also indexed and corresponded to what I was given.  Katharina dies in 1948 and she is 43 (  https://flic.kr/p/wtY65F ) so I think she was 36 at the time of Gottlieb's birth.  George Jesswein should have been somewhere around 40 years old. At least that would be his age if he was the same George Jesswein married here ( https://flic.kr/p/wwP2Sp ). 
Thanks again,

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Hi Paul,
Well, I will stick with 37 for the father and 36 
for the mother.  I agree, seeing birth records of other children would 
clarify matters.
Do let us know from what parish/church records 
this 1840 record was found.

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  Hi Rose,
      I wondered about that also, but there is no similarity 
  at all between the examples we have of the digit '3' and the digit in 
  question.  Blowing up the image as much as I could, I saw something that 
  indicated that the right side of the upper half of the digit might not be 
  hand-written at all but rather a piece of dust or something else.  If you 
  disregard that wiggly stroke, the rest of the digit is almost identical to the 
  digit '5' in the entry number (75) and the entry for the age of the first 
  godfather (45).  There is one good example of the digit '9' in the 
  birthdate (29),
      I agree that this is a bit of a stretch, but of all 
  the possibilities, this looks like the best candidate.
      As for the age of the wife, BTW, I learn more towards 
  30 than 36.  The second digit in her age bears no resemblance to the 
  second digit in the next entry number (76).  Again, however, it is not 
  conclusive.  We would need more evidence to come to a final 
  conclusion.  It would help a lot if we had the birth records from other 
  children to compare with.
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  I wonder ifs what we see as 97 could actually be 37, a very sloppy 3. 
  And "gem. Janikowie" may be Janikowic. 
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Hi Sarah, 
    You are very 
    close on many of your assumptions.  Here's some more detail that I can 
Column 1:  Record number 
Column 2:  
    Christening date and time - 25 April morning at 9:00 
Column 3:  
    Normally the name and age of the father.  However, in this case, a 
    place is also given, implying that the father does not live in the place 
    where the christening took place.  The place name of Marjonowie is 
    followed by what looks like "gem. Janikowie" which would mean a location 
    within or very near Maryanowie. Not sure what the last number means, but it 
    does look like a 97.  Compare the time of the christening with the 
    number, ad there is some doubt about it being a 97. Not sure what it might 
    be, though.  Compare also with the date of the birth.  Might a 57 
    if the right-hand side of the top half of the numeral is assumed to be a 
    piece of dust of something else no part of the number.  There are 
    several examples of the number 5 elsewhere in the first two entries on the 
    page that show similarities if you discount that faint mark. 
    4:  godparents. 
Column 5:  Gender of the child 
    6:  date of bith and time; 29 Mar midday 12:00 
Column 7: name and 
    age of the mother 
Column 8:  Given name of the child 
    9:  presumably the name of the godmother 

The third entry on the 
    page is in a different handwriting, so we can't use anything from that entry 
    for comparison purposes. 

Good luck! 

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I recently got a copy of some parish records.  
    I'm not exactly sure where 
the images are from (I will find out), but 
    they were from someone who believed 
that they were the right records for 
    my family. 
Here is the link to one of 
The first line in the image is a birth record for 
Gottlieb Jesswein. 
    I am pretty sure that he is my great-great-great grandfather. 
I just 
    want to verify that I am reading the document correctly since my German 
is pretty limited. Information I do know: I have a Polish document 
    (created in 
1936) from family records. We had it translated and it 
    verifies that the 
Gottlieb Jesswein in my family was born the 29th of 
    March 1840 to the parents 
George Jesswein and Katharina Schulz in 
    Marjanowie (or possibly Marjanowic). 

Here is my best guess at what 
    the document in the link above says. Any 
corrections and help are 
Column #1 = Record NumberColumn #2 = 25 Apr 
and then it 
    says something else--not sure whatColumn #3 = The place (it looks 
    to Marjanowie) and Father's name (George Jeswein) followed by something 
else, possibly his age. I would have guessed the number is 97 but that 
likely.Column #4 = 2 names and ages? -- I'm guessing they are 
#5 = Says whether it is a son or daughterColumn #6 = 
    Some more dates -- To me it 
looks like it says 29 March but then it has 
    some more info again.Column #7 = 
Mother's name of Catharina nee Schultz 
    with a number, possibly 36Column #8 = 
Gottlieb (child's given 
    name)Column #9 = Anna Rosina Schmittke -- possibly 
    for your help, 
Sarah Nielsen 


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