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Dear Sarah,
I'd like to help with these docs - with your permission:

Your are right: this docs are part of ev.-augsb. church records of Tomaszow 

birth records of 1840, page 96

No. 75

April 25th 9 o'clock in the afternoon (= 9 pm.)

(happened at) Maryanow, Gm. (gmina) Janikowie (parish of Janikow)
(father) George Jeswein, Ldw. (= Landwirt=farmer) !!!57 !!! (age 57)

1. Johann Lenz (age) 45
2. Samuel Schmittke Ldw (=farmer) (age) 54

29th " (= same month= April)
midday 12 o'clock

Catharina nee Schulz

(name of child)

Anna Rosina Schmittke

Hope it helps a little bit

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