[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wilhelmine = Monika in Catholic Goslawice records

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Sorry I didn't realize you actually gave two cases of someone interchanging Wilhelmine and Monika. In the MPD database there are 135 people with the given name Monika. 9 of these are Wilhelmine Monika or Monika Wilhelmine and one additional case of "Wilhelmine or Monika" which must be another one. Edelgard - in fact one of these was contributed by you, Wilhelmine Monika Krueger born about 1841. I would say this was a common combination to use.

My gg-grandmother was always referred to as Henriette Taron but her baptismal record also from a Catholic church calls her Wilhelmine. I know it is not another child that died young as the year is about right and you see her older brother being born and the next sibling after her so the records seem complete. Then her daughter, my g-grandmother, names the first daughter Wilhelmine Henriette, both names specified on the evangelical baptismal record. I believe she named her first daughter after her mother and knew what her full name was.

It is good to keep this in mind when records seem to disagree. Use of alternative first names can make you think a different person is involved when in fact they are the same person. Then cases like Gottfried = Friedrich add more to this confusion.


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 Maybe she was named
 Wilhelmine Monika and they only took the name they felt like
 using. I have seen other cases similar to this and it does
 get confusing.
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 [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wilhelmine = Monika in Catholic
 Goslawice    records
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  In the Catholic records of
  Konin I found different records
 where Wilhelmine appears as
  F. i. Wilhelmine Zarn,
 married Christoph Wolf on Feb. 1st,
  1857 in
  She has been baptized as
 Monika in Goslawice  (# 81)
  next example:
  Wilhelmine Milas, wife of
 Johann Kaus appears as Monika at
  the birth
 of her daughter Luise in 1837 (# 22)
  At the batism of son Ludwig
 in the Evangelical church of
  Konin in 1839
 she is called Wilhelmine again (# 12)
  What could have been the
 reason that the pastor refused to
  enter the
 name Wilhelmine?
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