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  You have some people mixed up.  Monika is born in 1837.  Therefore she can not be having children born 1837

  I didn't mix up some people. Wilhelmine/Monika Zarn *6. Dec. 1837 in Bieniszewskie Holendry has nothing to do with Wilhelmine/Monika Milas *1818 in Zarzyn.
  I gave two different examples.

  The marriage of Wilhelmina gives the parents names as Jan & Louiza
  The birth of Monika gives the parents names as Jan & Krystyna

  1. Jan Zorn could have been married 2x.  First to Krystyna.  2nd to louisa.  (You need to look for another marriage) (you need to look for the death of Krystyna Zorn)
  Johann Zarn alias Scharn * abt. 1814 of Bieniszewskie Holendry married Anna Luise Job *1814 of Trzybudy on Nov. 25, 1836 in Konin
  2. Jan Zorn at the birth of Monika is not the same Jan Zorn at the marriage of Wilhelmina > meaning there are 2 different Jan persons
  No, Christine must be a misspelling. Wilhelmine had a sister Anna Justine *Aug. 13, 1839 in Bieniszewskie Holendry. Anna Justine married Johann Samuel Hein on Febr. 8., 1863 in Konin
  Parents of Anna Justine are given as Johann and Anna Luise Jop, married "Dzarn"
  So it is impossible that Johann Zarn (or Scharn, not Zorn!) had a wife Christine in 1837 and then again Anna Luise in 1839. There also were not 2 Johann Zarns in Bieniszewskie Holendry at the same time.

  3. Wilhelmina & Monika are 2 different people No, see above.
  4. Have you looked for the birth of a Wilhelmina Zorn ? There is definitively no Wilhelmine birth record, neither in Konin nor in Goslawice, only Monika.
  5. If Monika & Wilhelmina are the same person it could mean she was married with her middle name ?  then again the mothers names are also different > Krystyna & Louiza
  Mother Christine must be a misspelling.

    In the Catholic records of Goslawice, Konin I found different records where Wilhelmine appears as Monika:

    F. i. Wilhelmine Zarn, married Christoph Wolf on Feb. 1st, 1857 in Konin

    Wilhelmina Zarn  19 yrs. old.  Her parents Jan Zorn & Louiza Jop        Christolph Wolf called Welk 33 yrs. parents Christoph & Dorothy (?) Riewe
  * abt. 1837 - 1838 - there is no birth of Wilhelmine, only of Monika

    She has been baptized as Monika in Goslawice  (# 81) 1837

  The father Jan "Zorn"  is 22 yrs. The mother Krystyna "Jaubow" possibly mis-spelled for "JOP"  20 years.  The word tomas means "of the same place" referring to the residence of the husband


    next example:

    Wilhelmine Milas, wife of Johann Kaus appears as Monika at the birth of her daughter Luise in 1837 (# 22)

     Monika Milas is 18 yrs. old here ,  Jan Kaus might be "Kraus" 22 yrs. old 
  definitively Kaus, not Kraus, marriage Johann Kaus oo Wilhelmine Milas on May, 15. 1836 in Konin
  Spelling "Kaust" in the marriage record:
  There was no Kraus family living in Bieniszewskie Holendry.
  If you enter "Bieniszew" as birth place in the Master Pedigree database, you can find the names of the families that lived in this village.
  Johann's father Georg is wrongly translated as Adalbert, because he almost appeared as Wojciech in the Goslawice and Konin records, but also as Jerzy.
  My distant cousin is a descendant of Johann and Wilhelmine. His mother was a Kaus.

    At the batism of son Ludwig in the Evangelical church of Konin in 1839 she is called Wilhelmine again (# 12)

     Wilhelmina is 20 yrs. old.  The father Jan Kraus is 24 yrs. old   I not sure about the Mylas / Milas   (it might be Nils ) which is German aka Nylas or Nilas which is polonized spelling
  The name is clearly to read as Wilhelmine "Mylasow" 

  Greetings from Germany,

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