[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pelzer from Skorodnica / Grudie, Wengrow (later also in Kulczyn, Ruda, Kratje and Dubezno)

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Dear Melanie,
Where did you get this information from. Some of looks like it may have come from some databases we have at SGGEE but much of it is not in either the Lublin database or the master pedigree database. The link for the Lublin database is here and please study this as you may find more information:

The towns Skorodnica, Dubeczno, Kulczyn, Kratje, Ruda, Roskosz are all east of Lublin. Many of the other towns you list here are also around Lublin/Chelm. Wengrow is spelled more like Wegrow in Polish and is to the northwest much further possibly representing the area they came from before moving closer to Lublin. Grudie and Modschidle do not seem like authentic Polish names so it will take some imagination to discover the real names of these towns. Do you know what region they came from? 

I hope this helps.


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 Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pelzer from Skorodnica / Grudie, Wengrow (later also in Kulczyn, Ruda, Kratje and Dubezno)
 To: "ger-poland-volhynia at sggee.org" <ger-poland-volhynia at sggee.org>
 Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 3:22 AM
 I am looking for information on Pelzer/Peltzer from
 Skorodnica and nearby and for their ancestors. Especially
 “Michael Pelzer” was born in Grudie, but that location
 does not exist (as of his wife born in Modschidle). Maybe
 someone can help with these village names as well..
 Up to know I found the following data staring with my
 PELZER Michael 1851 *Grudie T nach 1907+ FISCHER Luise
 Modschidle *1856 T nach 1907 (Fiszer, Fascher,
 Fiescher,Fyscher) T in Ruda
      PELZER Michael T Jan 1923 in Ruda
      PELZER Hulda (Patzer) Skorodnica 23
 Mar-Oct 1888 T Jun. 1931 in Ruda + LANGE Adam
         PELZER Gottlieb *14.08.1879 /
 27.11.1879 Kamien T WWI probably.* in Skorodnica + LANGE
 Eleonore *19.12.1877 in Karolinów T 15.03.1953 in Gifhorn
            PELZER Lydia
 (* Jul. 1908 in Kulczyn confirmation in Dubeczno) + WILL
 Gustav (Marriage April 1932 in Kulczyn)
      PELZER Gustav 1910-1989
 (*11.05.1911 in Kulczyn, confirmation in Dubeczno) + Erna
 1917 - 1996
            PELZER Rudolf
 (06.April 1914 in Kulczyn) + STANGE Leokadia * 09.10.1918 in
 Ruda T  05.09.1986 in Gifhorn  (Marriage Feb. 1936
         PELZER,  Stillborn *
 PELZER Rudolf *ca. 1883 + Ottilie Friske  *evtl 1905
 Olenowka (Marriage Oct. 1921 in Kulczyn)
 PELZER *Okt. 1922 in Kulczyn
      PELZER *Mär. 1924 in Kulczyn
      PELZER *Jan. 1926 in Kulczyn
 Margarete-Luise (Malgorzata Luiza) *Jun. 1927 in Kulczyn T
 Aug. 1927 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Living *Jun. 1928 in
      PELZER Living *Aug. 1929 in
      PELZER Living *Okt. 1930 in
      PELZER Siegfried * und T Jul. 
 1932 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Reinhold *Sep. 1933  in
 Kulzcyn T Aug. 1934 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Living *Okt. 1934 in
      PELZER Living *Jan 1937
         PELZER Ludwig *ca. 1885 in
      PELZER Eduard *29.09 1891 in
 Skorodnica  + Else/Elsa/Elza Döring  9.1.1904 in
 Wojczechow (Marriage Feb. 1923 in Kulczyn)
 PELZER Theodor *Dec. 1925 in Kulczyn T Jan 1926 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Reinhold *25.05.1927 in
      PELZER Walter *20.08. 1929 in
      PELZER Adolf  *9.11.1923 in
      PELZER Robert *2.3.1932 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Ottilie *Dez. 1934 in
 Kulczyn T  Feb. 1935 in Kulczyn
      PELZER Hugo *Jan. 1936 in Kulczyn T
 1936 in Kulczyn
 PELZER Paulina *ca. 1905+ Knakowski
 PELZER Matylda *ca. 1907+ Lange
 I guess, but do not find any connection to others living in
 Skorodnica or nearby:
 PELZER Gottfried *13.01.1866 in Skorodnica † 1915 in
 Rozkosz, Chelm + ARNDT Alwine `*1865   
    Dombrowska , Petrikau H. 1882 Chelm
         PELZER Reinhold *16.04.1907 in
 Koskowe, Chelm 02.04.1985 Stadthagen, Hannover + 
        BUSS Helene H. 12.1933
 PELZER M *05.02.1941
 PELZER F *21.02.1956
 PELZER Adele (Lina) *02.09.1935 18.04.2002 † Stadthagen,
         PELZER Auguste *29.01.1899 in
 Rozkosz, Chelm + WOZNIAK Johann *24.03.1896   
    (KULIK Stefanie)     
   Ludwinow H. 17.09.1940 Chelm
         PELZER Emma *08.08.1903 in
 Rozkosz, Chelm +JUBIN Hermann *1901 Rozkosz H.04.1929
         PELZER Rudolf *12.09.1895 in
 Ruda, Chelm + JESKE Lydia *1892 Stanislawowka, Chelm
 PELZER Johann *20.02.1921 in Tagaschin or Rozkosz (Roskosz)
 PELZER Marta *08.08.1923 in Tagaschin or Rozkosz (Roskosz)
 PELZER Alfred *07.08.1933 inTagaschin or Rozkosz (Roskosz)
 PELZER Gottlieb *17.08.1835 in Skorodnica + BAECKER Eleonore
 *Birnalogi  † in Skorodnica H. 26.01.1902 Kamien
         PELZER Emilie *29.04.1876 in
 Skorodnica + SCHMIDT Wilhelm *29.04.1876 in   
     Alexandrow H. 26.01.1902 in Kamien
 PELZER Ludwig † WWI in Russland + ROSSOL Anna † in
         PELZER Karoline *11.06.1861 in
         PELZER Wilhelmine *09.05.1867 in
 Zulin + MAKOWKA Johann
         PELZER Justine *27.09.1864 in
 Zulin † in Koschelowice + PUSCH Jakob
 PUSCH Gustav *02.1905 in Koszolowice + FREI Mathilde H.
 11.1931 in Skorodnica
 PUSCH Eduard + RIEWE Julianna H.09.1936 in Koszelowiec
 PELZER Wilhelm *23.03.1874 in Wengrow + KLUTZ / HINTZ Helene
 *16.06.1877 Bukow
         PELZER Rudolf *18.12.1898 in
 Skorodnica † in Russland + RIEDEL Olga H. 11.1924 in
 PELZER Julius *18.01.1926 in Kratje
 PELZER Edward *08.04.1927 in Kratje
 PELZER Sigismund *24.01.1929 in Kratje
 Thanks a lot in advance for any guess or information!
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