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These were not German POWs  but American-born and/or naturalized Americans.


I was surprised to read that some were held until 1948...  Yet by that
date, Volksdeutsche from Wolhynia and other refugees, were already being
sponsored and immigrating to Canada.

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In the United States, the anti-German paranoia/hysteria was fairly
widespread and affected many first, second, and third generation American
residents, both citizens and aliens, simply because of their origin and
their accents. In addition to the internments mentioned in previous
messages, my GR ancestors in the Dakotas were subjected to extreme
pressures to purchase "Liberty Bonds" to finance the war. Speaking the
German language was banned in public and over the telephone, and my
ancestors resorted to secret church services held in farmers' haylofts and
other venues because German-language services were prohibited.

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