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In the SGGEE Main Pedigree Database there is a Michael Begert or Biegert with wife Susanne Schulz and four children. 
The son Martin who married Rozalia in Liskow church Catholic church also married in Prazuchy Lutheran church in November 1833.

The other three children married in Prazuchy Lutheran church.  

It appears that on the marriage records of all four children (including Andreas born about 1806) were born in Malgow or Malgowski Holendry which is a short distance from Prazuchy.

Microfilmed records for Prazuchy are found here

There also is a Michael Begert or Boegert or Biggert with wife Maria/Marianne Sommerfeld and two daughters.  The birth record for one daughter is found in Wladyslawow church records.  Other daughter married in Prazuchy church.  Marianna Sommerfeld appear to be the first wife, although there is no death noted for her, yet.

Rose ingram

Catholic parish Lisków
entry 37 / 1833 
  a.. Marcin Begiert (19 years old)  100% 
  father: Michał , mother: Zuzanna 
  b.. Rozalia Wawrzyniak (29 years old) 
  father: Mikołaj , mother: Ewa 

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  I don't know if I found some of this family, I used Poznan Project & found ; Michael Begert & Zuzanna son Marcin Begert 38 widower to Katarzyna Wesolowska 36 widow p;Marcin & Marianna # 19 1852 RC Liskow, Kr.Kalisz &
  P; Michael & Zuzanna son Marcin Begiert 19 yrs to Rozalia Wawerzyniak 29yrs P; Mikolaj & Ewa #37 RC Liskow kr.Kalisz
  I only done male for marriage
  Next I used basia.famula.pl   Michael Begiert & Zuzanna Szulc used RC Goszczanow 1820-1826 & lived at Olendry Lipickie,  Szymon 1820, Jan 1823-1824, Caroline 1826.   I didn't bothered opening to look at info being I wouldn't be able to read info.        Hope this info be little helpful-think there was 3 different house # for each child's birth.      Cathy SE Minnesota


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  The following is a short English translation of Darek Begiert's query.

  He can be contacted at begiert.pro at gmail.com

  Rose Ingram

  My name Begiert from Paderborn/Germany. With my family research I have (found) ancestors from the area of Prazuchy. Maybe you can help me.
  Name: Begiert Michael * about 1778
  Place of birth - unknown
  Parents - unknown
  1. wife: Marianne nee Sommerfeld -  no date of birth
  2. wife. Susanne nee Schulz or Schultz
  Child: Andreas Begert * about 1806
  Place of birth: unknown

  Best wishes

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    This should have been sent to the entire mail list, if anyone cares to answer it.

    Dick Benert

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    Sehr geehrte Domen und Herren,
    Meine Name ist Begiert aus Paderborn Germany, bei meiner Familienforschung haben ich Vorfahren aus den gegen von Prazuchy, vielleicht können Sie mir weiter Helfen. Namen Begiert Michael um 1778 geburtsort unbekannt, Eltern unbekannt, Erste Ehefrau Marianne geb Sommerfeld geb?  2 Ehefrau Susanna geb Schulz Or Schultz. Kinder Andreas Begert um 1806 Ort unbekannt. Für Ihren antwort und Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar.Mit freundlichen Grüssen Begiert 
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