[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DNA Testing 23andme

Carolyn Schott cgschott at comcast.net
Mon Mar 2 12:54:49 PST 2015

I'm not an expert, but your 28% of general northern European is consistent
with your German heritage. I believe that these are just genes that occur
throughout northern Europe (including Germany), but don't cluster in a
specific location like German or France.

It's your 6% of eastern European that I find intriguing. I got a similar
result (about 9% eastern European). And while my family lived in eastern
Europe, as far as I can trace genealogically, they were all ethnic Germans. 

So I'm not sure how to interpret that little bit of eastern European. A
non-paternal event? Or are there other possibilities?

It's a mystery to me and I haven't figured out what to do to learn more. 

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I recently got my results back. I'm half Irish and that part came back as
expected about 50%. On the German side it showed 7% German and French and
28% broadly northern European. There are also pieces of Scandinavian, about
6% eastern Europe and even a small bit of Ashkenazi. My German grandparents
were ethnic Germans from Russian Poland Wilhelm Mueller and Auguste Manzei.
They are in the master pedigree database. Can someone explain why the German
genetic component is so small?



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