[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 23andme contact

Beth Burke mackzie at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 13 15:44:59 PDT 2015

Hello Tribe!

I was contacted today by Natalia Arndt Kliewer through my connection with
23andMe.  If you would like to contact her directly, her e-mail address is:
natalia.ancestry at yandex.ru   Please cc: me if you write to her just in case
she and I do have a connection:  mackzie at earthlink.net  

Family Surnames: paternal, Stein, Hoffmann, Greczyn, Arndt, maternal,
Belsch, Gänse, Gense, Genze, Franz, Oppenländer, Openlender, Oberländer,
Sterle, Störrle, Horne, Wiedemeyer, maternal relatives, Müller, Eisenbraun,
Knittel, Knüttel, Sailer, Fröscher, Frescher, Vogel, Haar, Knelz, Grib,
Joos, Birnbaum 

Family Locations: Germany, Württemberg; Germany, Bavaria; Russia (Volga
German); Ukraine (Zhitomir); Crimea (Black Sea Germans, Simferopol);
Vohlynia; Wohlynia

Given names are: 
Rudolf Hoffmann, born abt. 1878, his father was probably Andreas or Heinrich
Hulda Grezin or Gretzinger, born abt.1880

August Stein, born abt. 1888, his father was prob. Gottfried Stein

I hope some of you can help Natalia with her search for ancestors.  I've
told her how helpful our members are, and of course, we're always willing to
welcome new people into our growing tribes.

Have a wonderful weekend all!  We had 65-degrees here in Wisconsin today,
but I'm a bit of a skeptic.  I'll believe spring is really here when I don't
see forecasts of snow within 1000 miles of Wisconsin!  

Beth Zellmer Burke
Verona, WI

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