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Sat Mar 14 19:48:36 PDT 2015

It's a Polish site, https://kamiennakamieniu.wordpress.com/    Kamień na 
translates to "One Stone" (or Stone on Stone) that I used in the  subject.
I use Google to translate for me.
 It's theme is: "In the footsteps of the settlers in the Kreis Thorn and 
There is a group of people,  Poles I'm sure,  that are cleaning  up a 
cemetery somewhere in Thorn.     You'll see many  pictures of their work in 
progress.  The tombs, statuary, an an occasional tombstone with  German 
names on them.   
Continue scrolling for interspersed pictures of  scenery and old  buildings 
around Thorn.  It's one of those  sites that uses  the never-ending scroll.
Just nice to know that there are some people willing to clean up those old  
Many of my ancestors trace back to the Thorn area, which is why initially  
following this site (you can sign up for updates,  so far, one set of  
pictures about
every 3 or 7 weeks)

Bob Krampetz

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